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There are lots of blogs  and magazines out there about fashion and style, and I read them all regularly. Sometimes I read them with a heavy heart as a tiny inner voice questions whether my mid thirties self might just be a little bit past the stage of leather hotpants and bandeau bodycon dresses.

I’m 36 (just gone!), I have two young children, I have a busy full time job in marketing, I travel to the UK regularly with work, I love nights out with the girls, dinner with my husband and any excuse to buy a new outfit, dress up and feel good. I am a shopaholic, I love food, wine, cocktails. I am a demon researcher and organiser and love to read up on new restaurants and bars and planning my next night out (direct inverse relationship between number of children and number of nights out!!) I’m a device and web addict and happily spend my free time online shopping and reading blogs. I am a total magpie and just love beautiful things, clothes, shoes, interiors, fancy hotels, food, jewellery………………

I love clothes but my body doesn’t always. I’m a card carrying member of WW (aka Fat Camp) I’m still losing the baby weight, I hate my arms, my tummy will never see the light of day again and I’ve realised now more than ever, how important it is to dress properly for my shape and my age in a way that I still feel stylish and on trend but without looking like mutton dressed as lamb.

Hence the name of my blog, I might be knocking on a bit but I can still be glam.

So this site is for all the 30 something ladies of Ireland –  single/married/ moms/ career girls/ whatever! Chances are you are falling more out of love with your five inch heels by the year and more in love with high neck lines, proper underwear, long hemlines and clothes “with a bit of room” (Go on, admit it, we’ve all uttered that line!)

This is my outlet – where I can moonlight as a stylist, personal shopper, restaurant critic, lady about town and international jet-setter. This is where I can keep my finger on the pulse, do the research for you all and hopefully keep you up to date with a few trends, tips and tricks to help make you busy lives a bit less manic and a bit more beautiful.

We may not be 21 anymore, we may not be genetically blessed supermodels, but we can all be…………

Mutton Dressed as Glam,



2 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Karen

    Av ! I love it, really impressive ….. I’ll be passing on your link to my gals. Well done you go gal xxx

    1. Avril Post author

      Thank you sooooooo much Karen, for reading, commenting and spreading the word. Really appreciate your kind words. X


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